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 for digital economy   professionals 

  • enable knowledge sharing

  • build global community

  • Shape the future

For business and government leaders to stay ahead of the curve through co-developing a holistic understanding
of Global Digital Economy

#WHY GDE Forum
Global Digital Economy Forum

Global Digital Economy (GDE) Forum is a global network of business and government leaders who are committed to leading their organizations successfully in the digital economy and to help members share insights and best practices across borders.

It's not just a networking space, GDE Forum is also devoted to co-developing innovative solutions to some of the most pressing issues caused by rapid technological change. We create knowledge-sharing events and networks, and provide access to a global network of thought-leaders on issues.

We are dedicating to forge a platform to expand your knowledge base, discover new interests and people, all in an atmosphere of academic excellence, diversity and innovation.

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Cutting-edge Insights in
Digital Economy

  • Grow Your Network
    Digitalization is already changing the way consumers save, spend, borrow, insure and invest. Don’t get left behind. Network with the best in the industry and learn how you can use  technologies to help your network and career developments.

  • Upgrade Your Skillset
    The rapid changing digital environment also means that you have to be creative and flexible. Gain access to workshops and working groups that will equip you with the latest skills and knowledge to help you, and your instituion stay ahead of the curve.

  • Shape The Future
    As governments around the globle are accelerating around digital economy, it's important that your voice is heard. As a member, you can help shape the use of these emerging technologies and stay on top of the latest policy changes.

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Working Group for
Regulation and Policy

Business Meeting

Working Group for
Finance and Economy

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Working Group for
Technology and Transformation

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Academic / Professional
Council Members

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Insights from

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Join Us

The members of Global Digital Economy (GDEF) Forum is by-invite-only. We have Professional Council and Academic Council to focus on the thematic issues across digital economies.

  • Professional Council

    Inudstry and government leaders with strong interest in Digital Economy.


  • Academic Council

    Professors and PhD researchers with specilisation in Digital Economy.

Shall you have any inquiry,

please feel free to contact us via

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Global Digital Economy Forum
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